ATL Film Festival 3D Panel – Open for Creation

ATL Film Festival 3D Panel

Well we hope everyone who attended the 3D filmmaking panel got some great information.  Panelist Greg Centineo (Executive Producer, Dorothy of Oz) had some fantastic insights into the economics of producing in 2d vs 3d as well as commenting on the need for filmakers to embrace change, 3D is not going away this time, it’s here to stay.  The LAB’s Dave Ballard also gave some great technical S3D background and some insight into the future of  S3D display, editorial, and S3D aesthetics regarding production and post.  We also showed some footage from Human Flight 3D which will be released this Fall, as well as S3D material from Eric Deren of Dzignlight Studios (Stereographer, Spiderman 4, Hidden 3d).
Thanks for coming out and remember, 3D is here to stay, so deal with it!


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