Atlanta Film Festival! – Open for Creation

Atlanta Film Festival!

We’ve been hard at work to encode this years festival submissions for the past 3 weeks, and now getting finished!  Last year we only did the shorts programs and they were a great viewing experience for festival go’rs and the screenings were great.  This year there were over 95% digital submissions either via our high speed upload servers or harddrvive, all including shorts AND this year features.  This years submissions are all being converted from their native formats to 1080 HD (as last year).  So far we’ve encoded over 85 hrs of films to the festivals 1920×1080 HD playback format.  FYI each playback system this year will have over 5 TB of data on them.  That’s a LOT of duplicating data!

Enjoy the festival!

ALSO, if you are interested in some information about our current GEORGIA TAX INCENTIVE WATCH THIS!

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