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Editing on Location…

We’re doing a project right now that needs on-location editorial, nothing new to us, except i’m here this time.  We’ve got 2 Avids v6.x running via fibre to one of our Unitys.  We’re dealing with multiple shoot crews and various formats from F3, 5D (markIII showing up tomorrow!), 7D, 60D, and gopro s3d with multiple custom rigs.  I want access to the footage when i want it.

So I’m keeping the storage in my room (it’s loud but great white noise) and the editors have their own rooms via high speed fibre connections to the unity.

So I don’t want to annoy the editors by poking around with the S3D  and other footage in the middle of the night, so I included our port server that allows my laptop to connect to the Unity and open and work with the project material.  Collaboration was always our focus since we opened over 12 years ago.  This also allows our clients to connect to our central repository of footage and stills to pull selects via simple ethernet.

Right now I’m prepping and aligning the S3D material from my laptop with RT playback, and SNL on the TV.

It’s late but….couldn’t be better….:)

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