Feb and March Madness Tease the LAB! – Open for Creation

Feb and March Madness Tease the LAB!

Well February and March have been busy times at the LAB.  Our good friends Fain & Tripp were back in to cut some sweet spots for YAMAHA (the best watercraft on water!).  Eisenberg Agency was back in for more Comcast spots lensed by DP Matt MacCarthy on ALEXA.  We’ve been putting our editorial scalpel to work on some Grady Healthcare spots as well, if you are in need, definitely Grady!  We’ve have several other top secret ‘goings on’ we can’t really mention yet (hint: 3D, documentary, sex, and talk show: and not in that order and not at all related)  FEEL TEASED?  Also we’ve been cooking all the programming for the ATL Film Festival for the 3rd year to ensure a great screening at a great theatrical standard!


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