Here’s what Reality Programming should be…PBS-Circus – Open for Creation

Here’s what Reality Programming should be…PBS-Circus

If you haven’t seen it you should definitely see what you’ve been missing in the wasteland that is reality television.  Check out the series Circus on PBS- it’s unfortunately only 6 episodes following the BIG APPLE CIRCUS and their crew.  You may have seen them in ATLANTA.  They do great numbers here and ATL is featured in the series.

These are real people with real talent, very refreshing to watch and inspirational as well.  To quote from the last episode finale, “We each have that ability to be extraordinary as human beings.” ” …this is where you bring the best of who you are, the circus is joy.”  “…it is this incredible metaphor for survival, yes you can overcome your limitations, yes we are clumsy, if we put our mind in it we can FLY, we can do a double somersault with a tripple twist and we can come close to the gods…”  “We’re going to have to get by with less,  but we’re still going to provide this reminder to humanity that anything is possible…”

That’s a great mission statement that I know they will deliver!

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