LAB brings Screen on the Green to “What To Expect When Your Expecting”

2 weeks ago the LAB helped the production What To Expect When You’re Expecting to bring a “Screen on the Green” style playback to Piedmont Park. We provided a HD playback system that was projected onto a 55ft screen in the middle of the park.  Teamed up with Outdoor Movies and their expert crew headed up by Shane Spruill, we gave the production a fault-proof system for the production and their hundreds of crew and talent.  A perk though was after our projection duties wrapped we were able to show some demo shots of “Human Flight 3D” (in 2d) on the big screen while production was setting up for a different shot.  It looked great and got huge shout-outs from the crew and cast. We know the wait has been long but hold out this will be a great experience when it’s finished.

Oh, and Elizabeth Banks in this park scene is pretty funny, she’s awesome!  Who knows if the bloomers will make it into the cut…

Human Flight 3D in the Park Video


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