PETUNIA, A LAB 601 Co-Production, Premiers at the Austin Film Festival

LAB 601 recently completed the post production for Petunia, a Garage Musicals / Red Fish Films production about an old man who believes that his dead wife has come back to haunt him as a houseplant. LAB 601 provided its Petunia partners creative editorial, finishing, color correction, effects, and sound design.

Written and directed by John Levy, Petunia will premiere at the Austin Film Festival on Thursday, October 10, 2002. It was lensed in High Definition (HD) by DP Bob Clark and edited entirely in HD.

“Much like garage bands changed rock and roll, Garage Musicals strives to change the musical feature,” said Levy. He went on to say that he wants to make musicals more mainstream and less theatrical.

Petunia was edited in HD by Jason Jones. Dave Ballard was the finishing and effects editor and Andy Martin created the sound design for Petunia.

Petunia is a great example of how our integrated approach adds value and efficiency to a long form project,” said Ballard, also the president of LAB 601. “We were able to do the offline, finishing, and effects within the same edit system, the Avid|DS HD. This streamlined the entire post process by eliminating several ‘traditional’ elements such as film processing, transfer, audio syncing, and time code issues.”

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