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Jimmy & Dennis Hill, Editors, Fatwa

Just a letter of thanks from Dennis and I about our experiences on Fatwa.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work at the Atlanta facility Lab 601. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Not only were they hospitable and professional, but they also helped us push our feature film thru post in record time.

The pitfalls normally associated with working in the digital Hi-Def realm went away from the moment we landed at Lab 601. From a technical standpoint, they are top notch. Being able to do the whole feature in one shop was a tremendous advantage. Their knowledge of the workflow necessary to capture Hi-Def, log, output for both sound and music, and then online and color correct with titles made our job easier. If fact, we ended up having plenty of time to relax and enjoy Atlanta instead of constantly problem solving in the cutting room because of them(this is also a testament to the material we had to work with, but that is another story).

In short, I am telling you what I tell my peers in Los Angeles – Use Lab 601. Period. From the spaces, to the machines, to the people, you will be happy and productive.

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