Lisa France, Director, The Unseen & Love and Suicide

“I met Pete (Ballard) at the Atlanta Film Festival.  I had just finished Anne B. Real.  He showed me the demo, and I thought it was great. It showed their extensive experience in color correction and HD.  At the time, I was doing a lot of research in Georgia, and it all just fit together…”

“…My favorite thing about the LAB is that everybody has the same peaceful vibe and is on the same page.  There is a real collaboration, a real team atmosphere.  I totally feel at home there.  I get excited to go to work there.  When we have a project in the LAB it becomes my home away from home. You can tell they care about the projects they’re working on.  Pete and the marketing team have been instrumental in getting us in front of distributors and helping us network.  Their contacts became my contacts.”

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