The Numbers 6-0-1 No Gamble For “Venus & Vegas” – Open for Creation

The Numbers 6-0-1 No Gamble For “Venus & Vegas”

PasoFino Entertainment chose the LAB for their latest feature “Venus & Vegas” starring Jamie Pressly (“Not Another Teen Movie” and NBC’s “My Name Is Earl”), Donald Faison (“Clueless” and NBC’s “Scrubs”), and Molly Sims (“The Benchwarmers” and NBC’s “Las Vegas”).  Using the AVID|DS HD, LAB president/creative director Dave Ballard handled complex compositing and colour correction while designers Tim Pethel and Justin Sucara handled graphics in After FX and Grammy nominated sound engineer Blake Eiseman handled the 5.1 surround sound design and mix in Pro Tools HD|3. (July 2005)

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