About LAB 601

We are the premier television and film post-production facility in Atlanta, Georgia having worked on over 50 films, numerous television projects and series, as well as thousands of commercial spots.

As recognized post-production experts with over a decade of experience serving the motion picture, television, advertising and corporate communication industries, we develop and utilize emerging technologies and customized workflows to successfully execute our clients’ projects.


LAB 601 was created in 1999 because we knew there was a better way to do post-production.  We’ve been called “early adopters,” but we’re more than that.  Instead of waiting for the industry to catch up to the technology, we make the technology accessible for the industry.  We help manufacturers like AVID determine how their products should work and then we match up the functionality with our client’s needs.  Now we’ve created workflows for all the latest trends – including file-based acquisition, on-set dailies, stereoscopic 3D, and remote editorial – that enable producers to get their vision from the script to the screen easily and efficiently.