Final Cut Pro X released and it’s flopping big for Pro Users

The long anticipated release of the next gen editor FCP X happened today.  Already it is being panned by professional editors that went headfirst into installing.  Take a trip to Apple’s App Store and see the user comments for yourself.  The biggest features missing for Pro Users include:

  • No compatibility with previous FCP 7 projects
  • No Multicam Support
  • No 3party plugin support
  • No external BROADCAST QUALITY monitoring with existing hardware from Blackmagic or AJA
  • No Log and Capture function to capture from tape sources
  • No Edit to Tape function to professional decks
  • No EDL, XML, OMF support
  • No native R3d Red Support
  • No realtime audio mixing
  • and many other pro needs…

These are indeed big problems for high end post users and the general consensus is that this should be called IMOVIE PRO and not concidered a professional application for media creation.

This is perhaps the best thing Apple could have done to damage their hold on professional post.  Time for AVID to take this opportunity to win back all of the editors it has lost to FCP.  The biggest lesson to this launch would definitely be LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

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