We have worked on over 50 features, television movies, and series.  Below is a list of selected clients and credits and you can also check out our IMDB page for additional credits.

  • Human Flight 3D
  • Level Up (Cartoon Network)
  • Van Wilder Freshman Year (Paramount)
  • Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (TBS)
  • The Signal (Magnolia)
  • Venus & Vegas
  • Dance of the Dead (Lionsgate/Ghost House)
  • Three Can Play that Game (Sony)
  • Sports Illustrated at 50 (ESPN)
  • BET Hip Hop Awards (BET)


We have only one measurement of success at LAB 601: the success of our clients.  Here’s what our clients and collaborators have said about working with LAB 601.


When choosing a producing partner, we wanted the best talent and cutting edge technology.  We chose LAB 601 because not only do they employ cutting edge technology, but they have a proven workflow set up to streamline the process, especially in the High Definition environment.  High Definition alone doesn’t make a movie quicker or cheaper.  It’s utilizing the advantages every step of the way, and that is where a facility like this is so important.  Not only did the LAB 601 professional service team provide excellent creative service, they also reduced the overall cost of the project.”

— John Carter, Director, Fatwa

Just a letter of thanks from Dennis and I about our experiences on Fatwa. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work at the Atlanta facility Lab 601. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Not only were they hospitable and professional, but they also helped us push our feature film thru post in record time. The pitfalls normally associated with working in the digital Hi-Def realm went away from the moment we landed at Lab 601. From a technical standpoint, they are top notch. Being able to do the whole feature in one shop was a tremendous advantage. Their knowledge of the workflow necessary to capture Hi-Def, log, output for both sound and music, and then online and color correct with titles made our job easier. If fact, we ended up having plenty of time to relax and enjoy Atlanta instead of constantly problem solving in the cutting room because of them(this is also a testament to the material we had to work with, but that is another story). In short, I am telling you what I tell my peers in Los Angeles - Use Lab 601. Period. From the spaces, to the machines, to the people, you will be happy and productive.

— Jimmy & Dennis Hill, Editors, Fatwa

"Working with LAB 601 on BABY BLUES was one of the best experiences I have had color timing a feature film. They helped me build on what I had captured in camera to create a look that made me feel that all of my efforts on the field were worth it."

— Matthew MacCarthy – Cinematographer

“A lot of places in New York and LA claim they have expertise in HD, but then can’t pull it of f. LAB 601 had the technology, the workflow, the talent and experience we were looking for. LAB 601 offered the complete package, which was instrumental to our success with the “House of Payne” series.”

— Roger Bobb, Supervising Producer, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

Given our tight deadline the deciding factor in choosing a post-production house was the ability to seamlessly handle multiple audio and video streams. LAB 601 gave us all the firepower we needed and their staff went above and beyond in making our project a success. When you add in the fun environment- I'm looking forward to working with LAB 601 again."

— Marc Lucas, Executive In Charge of Production, John Cossette Productions

“LAB 601 has been an integral part of the POPfilms team for our last two feature films, LAST GOODBYE and THE SIGNAL. From pre-production, to developing the workflows, to creating the codec to import footage from a brand new camera into the Avid, LAB 601 is the kind of company that enables filmmakers to be successful.”

— Alex Motlagh, Producer and Founder, POPfilms

"I met Pete (Ballard) at the Atlanta Film Festival.  I had just finished Anne B. Real.  He showed me the demo, and I thought it was great. It showed their extensive experience in color correction and HD.  At the time, I was doing a lot of research in Georgia, and it all just fit together…" “…My favorite thing about the LAB is that everybody has the same peaceful vibe and is on the same page.  There is a real collaboration, a real team atmosphere.  I totally feel at home there.  I get excited to go to work there.  When we have a project in the LAB it becomes my home away from home. You can tell they care about the projects they’re working on.  Pete and the marketing team have been instrumental in getting us in front of distributors and helping us network.  Their contacts became my contacts.”

— Lisa France, Director, The Unseen & Love and Suicide