LAB Storage Pod

Here at the LAB we know how important backup storage is to your project.  With today’s data-centric acquisition, digital offline, and DI processes, data integrity is a must.

We’ve found that building our own storage for project use and long term archival is the only economical way to go.  Here comes the LAB Storage Pod.  The pod is built with off-the-shelf parts to facilitate any replacements that might be requred from hardware failure.  The file system is Dual Parity ZFS (zraid2).  ZFS is a better solution to standard Raid6 systems because it is self healing and always on the watch for bad bits, unlike Raid6 which can build “Data-Rot” over time and be unrecoverable in case of a failure.  It can be setup as a NAS (network attached storage) with access from both Mac and PC and can support web and ftp service if needed.

The Pod is built into a 4ru rack-mountable enclosure with groups of 9 2TB drives with a total of 45 drives when filled.  You can start with 9 drives and add more later.  This makes the Pod able to scale to 90TB.