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LAB supplies Hi-Speed Dailies Pipeline to Korea for “Papa”

Published on September 23, 2011 By labtopia

The production “Papa” being shot in Atlanta called us with a problem.   The problem for post that exists is that post is happening in Korea and the movie is being shot in the ‘ol ATL.  Here comes LAB 601 with a high-speed Dailies transfer to allow “faster than fedex” transfer of their offline audio […]


Published on August 28, 2008 By labtopia

LAB 601 is processing the dailies Paramount Pictures’ VAN WILDER 3. Currently in production in Atlanta and Decatur, the producers were looking for cutting edge workflow for their RED camera production and found the perfect match in LAB 601. If you’re thinking of shooting on the RED camera contact us for a free workflow consultation. […]