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Conan slams FCP X brings back memories…

Published on June 24, 2011 By labtopia

After seeing this clip of Conan slamming FCP X, it brought back memories of one of our great, but retired editors demo reels from 2006, check out Ben Rokkit’s Demo Reel , it’s pretty spot on.  I would bet if FCP X was out in ’06 he could have made this gem in a fraction […]

Final Cut Pro X released and it’s flopping big for Pro Users

Published on June 21, 2011 By labtopia

The long anticipated release of the next gen editor FCP X happened today.  Already it is being panned by professional editors that went headfirst into installing.  Take a trip to Apple’s App Store and see the user comments for yourself.  The biggest features missing for Pro Users include: No compatibility with previous FCP 7 projects […]